Dell Ethics

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Procedures Dell has in Place to Ensure Ethical Behavior

Dell Corporation has fostered a culture of integrity where employees thrive as they are proud to work in environment that adheres to the company values both legally and ethically and the laws of the countries where Dell conduct business. The company has established a Global Ethics and Compliance Office along with the “human resources department” and other internal partner organizations to achieve such an ethical environment.

The first procedure that Dell has incorporated was pre-employment screenings, to ensure that the company not only hires the best talent but also people with integrity. During the orientation process for the new hires ethics and cost of noncompliance are discussed. The Company has also implemented a code of conduct called “Winning with Integrity” that covers consistent guidelines articulating Dell’s standard of ethical behavior globally. Employees must complete an annual Code of Ethics training and certification and other mandated training sessions designed for specific jobs and roles within the company.

Dell has also implemented a program explicitly to connect ethics and compliance to their discipline and rewards systems by engaging in pre-promotion screenings for department managers by developing performance planning and compensation metrics based on the ethics and compliance. Dell’s Global Ethics and Compliance office receives numerous inquires about how to ask question or report a concern. Dell has put in place safeguards to ensure that anonymity and keep reports of wrongdoing confidential. The company strives to ensure that the investigative process fair, systematic, prompt, and thorough and is respectful of the local law of the countries where they operate. Finally, there is an Ethics 24-hour helpline to employees to report misconduct.

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