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Effective Delegation
1. To know more about effective delegation
2. To know how to delegate fairly
3. To know the meaning of delegation and how to take once responsibilities

Delegation is defined as to entrust to another or to assign responsibility. A key part of the definition is contained in the word "entrust". For delegation to occur, trust must be present. The trust that the supervisor has in the other staff member will determine what and how much he or she is willing to delegate. Also, those who delegate must also have trust in their own decision-making ability.    Delegation is a legal and management concept, an art and a skill, and a decision-making process. Delegation is never absolute; the delegator retains final accountability for the delegation decision-making process, and for the results of the delegation. The decision to delegate should not be automatic nor should it be based solely on length of experience. It cannot be assumed that because someone has been a nurse for X number of years that he/she is competent in a task. Each person involved in this process is accountable for his or her own actions or inaction and is potentially liable if competent and safe care is not provided. Delegation in nursing is critical for training, cooperation, patient care, and productivity. Many nurses resist delegating tasks because they figure they might as well complete the work themselves. Other nurses feel uncomfortable taking responsibility for another nurse’s actions by assigning them tasks. These are only some of the major issues that surrounding delegation. The way nurses delegate when they do assign tasks determines how effective the delegation will be. Nurses should learn both to trust the people they supervise and how to best match tasks with subordinates during the process of delegation. Nurses also need to delegate within the legal scope of practice for different types of nursing and health care providers. For a...
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