Defining Personal Responsibility

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  • Published : November 5, 2011
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Defining Personal Responsibility and Obligations to Oneself
Angelica McElhone
University of Phoenix

Personal responsibility is the choices and obligations we make in life. Everyone is responsible for their own actions no one else. We all must have good character, moral values and a healthy lifestyle in order to accept personal responsibility. Once we use our good character and moral values to help us know what is right and wrong, it is up to us to be responsible and make the right decisions. Also promoting a healthy life style show you are responsible mentally, physically and emotionally. All in all, once we accept the fact that we are the only ones who can change our lives by making good choices, we have accepted personal responsibility!

Defining Personal Responsibility and Obligations to Oneself

Personal Responsibility is realizing that you are responsible for the choices and obligations you make in your life! According to Dr. Dlugokinski, “Accepting personal responsibility may be one of the keys to happiness.” It is our responsibility to make sure we have good character, moral values and a healthy life style, no matter who influences you or how you grew up. Then and only then can you achieve this ultimate happiness. As we grow as people we develop many responsibilities throughout our life and we will always experience difficult choices. As a responsible person, it is up to us to decide what is good or bad, right or wrong and to accept the consequences of our actions. Good character refers to the many qualities that distinguish one individual from another. (Merriam-Webster). Everyone has character, it is just up to us to decide which characteristics are our strengths and which are our weaknesses. Having qualities such as being trustworthy or punctual are good characteristics in a person, which if used correctly will have good results to our actions. Where does personal responsibility fit in? Well we are responsible to choose which...
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