Defining Culture

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Defining Culture

January 21, 2013
Mini Caraveo

Defining Culture
Defining and understanding the national culture of an industry is important to the success of a business; culture is described as thoughts, ideas, and shared meaning. As the global industry continues to expand and opening doors for every business in the world, a culture of etiquette and respect needs to be established. In addition, understanding the body language of cultures outside one’s own is important to the success of a business relationship. “Culture is powerful because it guides our perception and understanding of the world, and in turn it shapes and behavior” (Harvard Business School, 1994, p. 2). Business owners must recognize that business is not business everywhere in the world, even within the same industry, and mangers/owners should provide cross-cultural education to team members.

Culture of an International Market
Conducting business in an international market requires knowledge and education. Business deals could be at jeopardy or never take place, if a person conducts himself or herself in manner found to be offensive or unprofessional. Four countries that play a role in the changing world of international business are Australia, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, and Germany. The cultures of all four countries have similar traits; however, each country has unique characteristics that are inherent to their culture. Many business skills are necessary to understand when conducting international business. A couple of key business skills to understand when are how to effectively communicate and properly behave when interacting with international business partners. The International Business Etiquette, Manners, & Culture website offers guidance and information on specific cultures of different countries.

It is obvious that communication is essential to a business; when conducting business in a cross culture market it is essential to...
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