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Topics: Inflation, Argentina, Buenos Aires Pages: 7 (3054 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Argentina’s community and economy has plenty of potential for any firms looking to do business here. As a United States firm looking to expand business, conducting research on this country is a must. It’s location on the South American continent is second best behind Brazil, but it will make our business here succeed. As a U.S. firm looking to expand our business in Argentina, businesses must know the cultural aspects of the country being pursued. Argentina has its very own customs in the households and in public, but businesswise, most of the customs and norms are the same as the United States. The main language spoken here in this country is Spanish, and English is being learned as a second language. As an U.S. firm traveling to this country, learning Spanish as a second language to maintain a successful business in Argentina is a must. Learning Spanish will show Argentina businesses and their leaders that time was taken out to learn their language to communicate. Business leaders in Argentina depend on establishing and maintaining a great, personal relationship in order for businesses to compete and flourish in the economy. Just like a U.S. business, firms need good relationships with other business leaders or other firms to keep their own business flowing and producing goods or services. Argentine customs with holding business conversations are right in tune with U.S. business meetings or conversations. The greetings, handshakes, eye contact, punctuality, and the ability to maintain a non-business conversation can “make or break” any firm looking to do business here. There are two very important facts that this U.S. firm should know about Argentine conversations. The first is a title; way you address someone is extremely important. Argentinians may find it disrespectful if you don’t address elderly correctly, or people in their careers or professions in the correct manner. The second fact that must be known is the history of Argentina. Business leaders like to talk about history during personal conversations to see if the person cares about the country of Argentina or not. Much like an interview for a corporation in the United States, the interviewee should have some knowledge of the corporation or business they are getting interviewed by. By being good business owners, any it would be great for a U.S. firm to do business out of the main areas of the country, but not throughout the country due to infrastructure issues. Argentina’s infrastructure system is great compared to other South American countries, but there is a major need for improvement in some of the areas here. Most of the roads outside of the major cities, aren’t paved, or is just gravel and dirt roads. Highways and expressways in this country are still in need of improvement, and Argentina has received packages of aid to assist with construction of the roads and highways. These packages of aid have come from the World Bank and the United States. Another common way of transportation around Argentina is the railroad system. The railroad system in Argentina transports freight cars as well as passengers around the country. Freight cars in Argentina’s railroad system are they main way this country exports to other South American countries. Argentina has a few waterways that are navigable, but all five of the major ports are located on the Atlantic coast. Outside of these five major ports, the rest are located inland, towards the south of the country. As an U.S. firm, doing business in the major cities, or port cities would make any business thrive from the distribution of goods by water, vehicle, or trains. The last means of transportation Argentina has are airports. There are numerous amounts of airports around the country of Argentina, but there are only couples that have paved, advanced runways. Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, has two major airports in the city. One is used for the international flights and the other is used for domestic or regional...
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