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Definition Essay

November 11, 2012

The word sexy has a universal meaning. People use the word sexy in many different contexts. There is no one-way to use to the word . Sexy people today are like Beyoncé and Chris Brown. We base a lot of what we call sexy on how celebrities look and dress. Being sexy can be a good or bad thing. Our world has transformed the meaning of the word throughout the years. Sexy can be defined as a way someone dresses, carries themselves, or feels.

Sexy can describe how a person dresses. There are many ways a person can dress sexy. In this generation, when someone dresses sexy, they are usually wearing a something revealing and showing a lot of skin. There is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing sexy but people always turn it into something negative. Because the word sexy is associated with sex, many people think that dressing too sexy can be a bad thing. In the past dressing sexy for a girl was just putting on a pair of heels or adding a shiny accessory. Today the whole meaning of the word sexy has changed. There is a very big double standard when it comes to being sexy. Girls who dress too sexy are looked down upon. This is because they have an easy look to them. However, when a guy dresses sexy they are uplifted. The reason for this is because guys always want to look like “the man.” If he dresses sexy and all the girls are on him he is the greatest person ever. This world judges for everything so when dressing sexy you have to use caution.

A person can carry himself or herself in a sexy way. Today, image and reputation is one of most important things to many people. When a girl appears to carry herself in a sexy manner, she is automatically looked at in a degrading way. For a guy being sexy doesn’t really have a downside because that is what most females look for. This goes back to the double standard. Some women believe that they should be able to...
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