Declining Portable Water

Topics: Drinking water, Water treatment, Water crisis Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: February 27, 2013
“Water of life”. This is a famous Christianity word that reflects how important water is to our life. As we know, most drinkable water comes from the river, thus making river the main sources of potable water. However global warming is getting more and more serious nowadays causing a global rise in temperature and melt the ices at mountain’s peak. In the book ‘Pillar of Sand’ by Sandra Postel, Postel says that major Asia’s rivers like Ganges, Indus and Yellow river depends on the snowpack mountains for their flow. Despite that, the rises in temperature has causes the snow to melt faster and an increase in rainfall, drying up the river especially during dry season. Even the famous Andes, Rockies and Alps rivers is said to soon face this problem which mean there will be a worldwide water shortage should these rivers dry up. Therefore, this essay will talk about what will happen when there is a decline in potable water. Global water pollution caused by sewage and animal waste has resulted in overdose of nutrients and sediments in rivers, lakes and sea.(Tasha Eichenseher, March 2010) This causes eutrophication which is a situation where algae growth increases; resulted in lack of oxygen in the river. That eventually decreases the values of the rivers, lakes and esturaries for recreation, fishing, hunting and aesthetic enjoyment. In addition to that, health problems can occur where eutrophic condition interferes with drinking water treatment. To sum it up, water pollution caused by sewage and animal waste is the root of the decline in drinkable water as it pollutes the rivers and also the treated water. In addition to the above, polluted water is also said to be the causes of diseases. According to the World Health Organization, up to half of humanity has one of the six main diseases – diarrhea, schistosomiasis, trachoma, infestation with ascaris, guinea worm, or hookworm at any time because of poor drinking water and inadequate sanitation. This shows that lack of...
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