Baseline Study of Malunggay

Topics: Water pollution, Water, Water treatment Pages: 6 (1448 words) Published: May 18, 2013

However, because of the various changes that occurs in our society we can to misuse and abuse our waters leading to its deterioration or water pollution. Many factors contributed in the deterioration of the water and one of which are the oil spills and ground water pollution and these cause of water borne diseases, fish kills and total destruction of the water. On the other hand, Malunngay (Moringa Oliefera) is called “Miracle Tree” due to the numerous benefits that it can give. However, only few know that one of the ability of Malunggay to work as water purifier. In this study, the proponents aimed to establish the effects of Maluggay leaves and seed respectively on seawater. Aside from its potential as biofuel feedstock, the seed of moringa, locally known as malunggay, could also be used for purifying water. Researchers said that seed kernels of malunggay have important amounts of water soluble protein that hold a positive charge. When added to turbid water, it can attract negatively charged particles like contaminants. As a result, there will be a collection of particles that are simply removed through settling. By simple preparation of obtaining, dying, pounding the leaves and seeds in 10% proportion with the seawater sample it was observed that there is a significant effect happened in the treated water with a varying results from the leaves and seed samples.


A. Background of the study
Coliform or other bacteria in drinking or swimming water will not necessarily make you ill. However, since these organisms are present, other disease-causing organisms may also be present. Health symptoms related to drinking or swallowing water contaminated with bacteria generally range from no ill effects to cramps and diarrhea (gastrointestinal distress). Two common waterborne diseases are giardiasis and cryptosporidiosis; both cause intestinal illness. E. coli 0157:H7 has also been associated with drinking contaminated water and can cause intestinal illness. In very rare cases, it can cause hemolytic uremic syndrome, a serious kidney condition. The bacterial tests performed at the Vermont Department of Health Laboratory do not detect giardia or cryptosporidium, or specify which strains of E.coli are present. Everybody knows the importance of water. It is an element essential to all living organisms. However for one to really gain the benefits of water, it is important to secure the quality of water that they consume. The need for a clean and safe drinking water is evident nowadays when bottled purified water is even more expensive than softdrinks. There are many methods to purify water- but do you know that you can also use moringa seeds to make sure that your drinking water is free from harmful elements. Crushed moringa seeds or moringa seed powder have the ability to purify water by decreasing the bacterial concentration and making it safe for consumption. There are different methods of purifying water. This has been necessary because so much of the water on planet Earth is, in its natural state, unfit for human consumption and drinking it or using it to cook without treatment can cause illness or even death.

B. Statement of the problem
This experiment uses moringa seed powder can be used to clean dirty rivers by using a very simple filtration method. Moringa seed powder absorbs the solids and bacteria in the water and then sinks to the bottom. 1. Is there any significant effect of moringa seed powder as water purifier?

2. Is there any significant difference moringa seed powder as water purifier compared to a commercial one?

C. Statement of the hypothesis

The researcher is guided of the following hypotheses that were stated in null and alternative form at 5%l level of significance.

➢ Null Hypothesis

1. There is no significant effect of moringa seed powder as water purifier. 2. There is no significant...
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