Death Punishment Capital Punishment

Topics: Crime, Death Penalty, Criminal justice Pages: 2 (349 words) Published: March 28, 2013

In any society, state, country one thing is very important that is discipline. A person who is poor can live a good life compared to a rich person, who is not disciplined. Discipline is very important for maintenance of law & orders in any society, without discipline there will be various problem in the society.

A proper system is in place, police force is in place, proper judicial system is there after all a very decent Indian culture then also in our prestigious society some miscreant are there. Who are spoiling the nation’s image internationally.

Then the big concern/ main problems for us is how to stop these crime (i,e) embarrassment to Govt. (personnel indulges in anti-national activities), murder, Rape & murder in my perception these are the common crime in our country.

In many countries death (very hard) / capital punishment is in force. In our system there is flexibility. Now time has come to place hard punishment in force after Delhi gang rape/ many anti national activities. Govt. is also very particular about capital punishment. Indian law & order are being amended.

Following are the reasons for giving the capital punishment to criminals :- (i) To stop such crime in future
(ii) To set an example before the people
(iii) To make people afraid about punishment.
If the criminals are set free or not given captial punishment for heinous crime, then there will be no fear in the criminal’s mind and they will take law & order as granted. It will increase crime in the society. To stop such crime, capital punishment is very much required at a uniform scale and unbiased.

Impact of capital punishment
(a)Some time capital punishment is also very dangerous. In this criminals kills the victim to remove the evidence, family members, innocent people, children and great loss to national assets. Otherwise Capital punishment is an good instrument to stop crime in society. It...
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