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Topics: Industrial Revolution, Cotton mill, Factory Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Positive and Negative Effects of the Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution began in the 1700’s in various countries such as England, China, and Japan. This Revolution had different positive and negative effects depending on your place in society and your livelihood. The Industrial Revolution altered the way we live today; the main effects, having both positive and negative outcomes, were child labor, general comfort, and the state of the cities.

During the Industrial Revolution, child labor became a serious problem. The modern discovery of children working during the revolution is probably what led us to scrutinize it so much. There are some that would argue that child labor is down right wrong but there are also some that would say child labor was beneficial and harmless. In document 1, an excerpt from William Coopers testimony before the Sadler Committee has William Cooper admitting that he began working in the mills at the age of ten. He claimed that they working 16 hour shifts and were only allowed one 40 minute break for lunch. When asked about his education, it was found that Cooper can read but is unable to write due to lack of schooling. 16 hour shifts with only a short break and being deprived of an education may seem unfair but Document 3 argues differently. Document 3 is an excerpt from the Philosophy of Manufacturers by Andrew Ure and it states that of all the factories Ure had visited, he had never witnessed signs of beatings or exhaustion among the children. He claimed that children enjoyed the “light play of their muscles” and believes that children would thrive better in modern factories today than in schooling. This is a fairly unpopular opinion on child labor. People are quick to agree that child labor was bad but you must look at both sides. Yes they were worked hard, but would we have Industrialized if they hadn’t been?

The modern comfort that we have the privilege of living in today is due completely to the Industrial...
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