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Topics: Slavery in the United States, American Civil War, Compromise of 1850 Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: May 29, 2013
The United States had many differences in the beliefs between it’s two sections, the North and the South. At first, the two were not as separate on their opinions. However, with no actual compromise being reached to solve their problems until after the Civil War, they were unable to avoid secession. Many of the compromises and decisions were constantly being changed. They never really satisfied both sections. Some examples are the Compromise of 1850, Dred-Scott decision, Kansas-Nebraska Act, etc. All of these were unsuccessful in keeping the North and South together. I believe if successful compromises were made to please both sections and were not constantly being changed, the Union could have stayed together.

When the Compromise of 1850 was made, the South wasn’t very fond of the idea. “If the agitation goes on, the same force, acting with increased intensity, as has been shown, will finally snap every cord, when nothing will be left to bind the States together except force.” (Document A) This shows the North’s control of the government and constant pressure on the South for their beliefs. Also it shows that if nothing is done to relieve the constantly growing pressure on the country, that it will fall apart. If the North continues to fail to form some sort of measures to please the South, the Union will not stay together. The North was also not happy with a lot of the compromises that were made and benefitted the South. One of these was the Fugitive Slave Law. They believed that the law was immoral and shouldn’t be followed. The North believe the law was “suicidal,” and that “the Union is at an end as soon as an immoral law is enacted.” (Document B) They thought that if this law were to be effective it would destroy the Union. There was very much discontentment within the states. So much that at one point, a man was beaten unconscious with a cane after delivering a speech to the House. (Document F) The people of the South did not agree with the North on...
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