Industrial Dbq Essay

Topics: Industrial Revolution, Cotton, Spinning jenny Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: May 3, 2013
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Industrial Revolution DBQ Per. 7

The Beginning of a Modern Era

The Industrial Revolution began in the 1700’s where major changes occurred in technology, agriculture, manufacturing, and mining. It began in England, in the textile industry. This effected many people, mostly farmers. People had to change the way they lived and where they worked. The Industrial Revolution resulted in new jobs and cities, new technology, and increased productivity among workers. Though these things improved peoples lives, the industrial revolution had a negative impact as well. Such as, increased pollution and environmental damage, rapid population growth, harmful working conditions and unfair wages for women and children.

Many reasons contributed to the industrial revolution in England. The enclosure movement put many farmers out of work. By using new farming technology and systems of crop rotation (DOC.8) the wealthy found a way to make more crops and sell them for less and still make a profit. This forced farmers to sell their farms. The poor farmers made their ways to new cities. Many did this because factories were offering high wages (DOC.2). Productivity increased because each person only preformed a few operations (DOC.3). If a person had to complete more than just a few tasks, the time involved in that task would increase. Many new inventions helped contribute towards the Industrial Revolution, such as the Cotton Gin, the Spinning Jenny and the Flying Shuttle (DOC.6). John Kay invented the flying shuttle in 1733, it was a boat shaped piece of wood with string attached and it swayed back and forth on wheels. The cotton gin was invented by Eli Whitney in 1794, the machine was designed to pull the cotton fibers from the cotton seed. The spinning jenny was invented by James Hargreaves in 1764, this machine used eight to sixteen spindles and it increased thread and yarn production. These machines as well as others...
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