Dates of Indian Astronomy

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  • Published: August 26, 2013
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Dates of Indian astronomy Texts
-Arun Kumar Upadhyay, Cuttack, (M) 9437034172 1. Reasons of error (1) Racial superiority war- After colonial rule of Europeans, only research in history is to show racial superiority of Greeko-Roman civilization whose successors were these countries-Britain, France etc. (2) Biblical date of creation-( Ussher (sometimes spelled Usher) (4 January 1581 – 21 March 1656) was Church of Ireland Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland between 1625–56. He was a prolific scholar, who most famously published a chronology that purported to establish the time and date of the creation as the night preceding Sunday, 23 October 4004 BC, according to the proleptic Julian calendar. Till today, history of world is being fitted after that, though it is well known that earth was created about 4.5 billions years ago and current human species is at least 1.5 million years old. (3) Deliberate post dating of Indian history-Declared aim of Boden chair at Oxford University in 1831 was to destroy Vedic culture so that Indians can be shown light of Christianity. For that, many distortions were done-(1) All kings who started a calendar were declared fictitious, though there are voluminous records of them. (2) Everything in Vedas or old literature was declared to be works f illiterates by persons who themselves were ignorant of those subjects. (3) All Indian texts are considered false. Though entire old history is solely from purāṇas, their chronology is arbitrarily changed. Only Indus valley inscriptions are considered authentic though they have not been read till today. (4) Change of texts and dates-12 examples of British forgery are given below--(1) All quotes from Megasthenes are totally false and opposite to his writings. Palibothri was a town on bank of Yamunā, downstream from Delhi having pillar (Kutub-minar),...
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