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Topics: Heart rate, Normal distribution, Speed Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Conclusion Shagun Mistry
According to the experiment, the average normal heart rate of Daphnia is 20 heart beats per 12.94 seconds. There were six total trials done for Normal Heart Rate with 2 Daphnia (3 Trials each). The aim of this experiment was to measure the effect of neurotransmitters on the heart rate of Daphnia. When the adrenaline was added to the liquid around Daphnia and after a few seconds, its heart rate sped up. For example, during the first trial, the heart rate went from 20 H.B. per 12.54 seconds (For Normal) to 20 H.B. per 8.99 seconds after adrenaline was added. The results were the same during the last trial also. E.g. the normal heart rate was 20 H.B. per 15.38 seconds while the heart rate after adrenaline was added was 20 H.B. per 6.70 seconds. This proves that adrenaline excites the neurotransmitters and causes the heart rate to speed up.

But this data is not precise because during the lab, the heart could not be clearly seen in each of the Daphnia. For example, after measuring the heart rate of one daphnia, you had to add more adrenaline around the Daphnia to measure how adrenaline affects the heart rate. Adding the liquid caused the microscope’s focus to become blurry, and it took a couple of seconds to fix the focus back again. This could have interfered with the measuring of the heart rate for adrenaline because the heart rate was speeding up fast and it might have started slowing back down again after the microscope focus was fixed. One way to improve this would be by practicing more or using a microscope camera to record a video of the Daphnia and then look at the video later to measure the heart rate more carefully. The standard deviation for the Normal Heart Rate was 2.104 seconds and for the Adrenaline was 2.131 seconds. The standard deviation (for normal and Adrenaline) and the...
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