Daniel Webster

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Daniel Webster

Daniel Webster was born in Salisbury, New Hampshire, on January 18, 1782. Daniel was delicate, but a brilliant child, his family realized this, and made great expense to put Daniel and his brother Ezekiel through school. After graduating from Dartmouth College, he studied law and was admitted to the bar in Boston in 1805. Daniel Webster, was a well known public speaker and major constitutional lawyer; he was a major congressional representative for the Northern Whigs during his twenty years he served in the U.S. Senate. He became famous as orator for his speeches supporting the Union and opposing the nullification movement and its supporters. Daniel was one of the greatest orators and debaters of his time, he fought congress, and fought for what he believed in, from the beginning of his career, and till the very end, whether he succeeded, failed, or if made a mistake he redeemed himself.

After the French and Indian War, Ebenezer Webster wanted to return to his native town, get married and live off the land in Salisbury, New Hampshire. After settling there for ten years, in 1774, his first spouse Mehetable Smith died, but gave him five children in the span of those years. He then married another woman by the name of Abigail Eastman, she also gave birth to five children. The fourth child of Abigail, Daniel, born on January 18, 1782; as an infant he looked unhealthy and delicate, they weren’t sure if he was going to live. The family lived on a farm and at an early age they did manual labor. He was very fragile so he had an exception that he didn’t have to work as hard as his other siblings. He got to spend more time exploring and learning about the ways of nature; he broadened his knowledge by devoting himself to learning new things. Daniel learned a good amount of knowledge from reading newspapers; the articles that were in the newspaper would usually be about political gossip. Another source of learning information was found from reading books that he could find from his mother and father’s collection. One of his favorite books to read was his mother’s Bible, where he would learn about its contents, and memorize its verses. At very young age he wanted to go to school, wether it were in his town, in another district, or even in school houses three miles away. He proved to others of his great memory, and it was one of his greatest talents of his many talents that helped him to become a great scholar. [1]“At the age of fourteen he attended a somewhat more advanced academy for a few months, in his first effort at public speaking there was a failure. He burst in to tears; his antipathy to public declamation appeared insurmountable, and neither frowns nor smilies could overcome the reluctance. It was overcome, for when young Webster felt the power which was in him, he boldly employed it. At first, however, he was a failure as a public speaker. With all this, he went forward in the acquisition of knowledge and the bracing of his mind; and in his fifteenth year he once undertook to repeat five hundred lines of Virgil, if his teacher would consent to listen.”

As an early teenager, he helped as an extra helper in a local lawyer’s office. What he got out of working at a lawyers office was that he picked up a good amount of the Latin language, and grammar, by regularly trying to attempt memorizing the material. The lawyer was insistent that he needs to further on his education, because not only did he feel that he had a gift of acquiring knowledge, and that he had a great mind, but others that knew him did as well. In 1794, Ebenezer took Daniel to his first day at Phillips Exeter Academy; his fellow classmates laughed at Daniel, because of the way he dressed and by the way he talked. When there are people who live in a completely different environment such as the country, and then transfer to going to school where these people who are from the city would’t normally see a farm boy such as Daniel Webster, he...
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