Noah Webster

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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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Rebecca Bain January 26,2012 Book Report - NoahWebster Noah Webster was written by Elaine Cunningham. This book has 147 page and 12 chapters. This biography talks about the events in Noah’s life in Hartford, Conneticut where Noah and his family live. Even though little Noah lived in an old farm house he still got an education. I think the author of this book wrote the book to show children a example that they should not only read, but read to succeed. Noah Webster was a curious five years old who did not know how to read, probably because he did not start school as yet. After Noah started school he began to learn how to read. As he became older he got better at reading and read many books over a period of days. Noah’s parents gave him the education he needed so that he could do well in many different subjects. Even though Noah and his sister Jerusha was in the same class he was still became nervous. However, Noah became a very smart school boy by remembering the lessons his teacher taught him. After Noah finished school at the age of 15, he was accepted at Yale College. The day before Noah went to college he could not sleep because he was so excited. On the morning Noah was suppose go to college he looked at his brother Charles and thought that Charles would have their room to himself and that Charles would now have to do chores of both Noah and his brother Abraham. While Noah was leaving for college his mother and brothers and sisters were waving good-bye from the old farm house. Noah’s journey to college was a long walk away and Noah and his father walked for 30 miles taking turns on their horse. As Noah reached the college a boy yelled out to him welcome to brick prison. Noah wondered why the boy called the college a prison since going to college was a dream come true for...
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