Dan Gable

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Jason Tsirtsis
Astronomy 110-6

Dan Gable: Legend On The Mat & In The Coach’s Chair

Dan Gable is titled by many as the most legendary amateur American wrestler and coach in the history of amateur American wrestling. To put into retrospect of Dan’s popularity in the wresting world, Gable is the Michael Jordan of Basketball, the Pele of Soccer, and the Muhammad Ali of boxing, everyone has heard of Dan Gable. That is how legendary Dan Gable is. But what single attribute made Mr. Gable so special and unique? To pinpoint one certain accolade that made Gable a legend is almost too hard. Dan Gable had an almost normal life growing up as a boy; he began his fame by his wrestling accolades as an athlete at Iowa State University and cemented his wrestling lore as a coach at the University of Iowa, and still inspires the wrestling world ‘til this day.

Dan Gable was born on October 25th, 1948 in Waterloo, Iowa. Growing up as a boy, Dan was raised by both his parents Katie and Mack Gable, and had an older sister Diane. Gable was a rambunctious and energized boy growing up. He was always getting into trouble and making his parents work very hard to keep him in line. Sports were a way for him to let a little bit of that rambunctious energy out in a positive manner. Gable played football, baseball, swimming and wrestling as a boy. Throughout his crazy acts and many days spent playing his sports in his childhood days, Diane (Dan’s sister) was always there to support him every step of the way. Diane played a big part in his life as many older siblings do. On October 5th, 1964, fifteen year old, Dan Gable’s life would change forever. Dan and his parents left Waterloo and a nineteen-year-old Diane at home for the weekend to go to Harper’s Ferry (Nancy Raffensperger, WCFCourier.com). Mack told Diane that he would be checking up on her and that she was to answer the phone while they were gone. Mack called the house time after time, to just catch the operator...
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