Cyrano Exam

Topics: Beauty, Emotion, Love Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Brenden Rogers
Lit 3 Calderon
Cyrano Exam II

The role of beauty in this play defined by Rostand is how looks affect others and hides true beauty from within. Rostand uses Roxane as one of the common definition of beauty, looks. Roxane has great looks that make any guy want to get with her. She is not very bright but knows what she wants, a man with heart and good looks. Most people expect someone to either have good looks or be smart, so Roxane uses her beauty and money to get what she wants instead of her brain.

Rostand uses Christian for a form of beauty that is almost like Roxane. Christian does not have a smart personality but he has believes beauty is in the body, he finds Roxane beautiful for her body not her personality or intelligence. Christian is affected by beauty in the play through how it hides his true personality which blinds Roxane into falling in love with him. This beauty is gone when Roxane realizes Christian is not as deep as he was when she asks him to speak his feeling and he can do nothing but say “I love you” “No, not again- I do not love you-“He shows he has no originality and Roxane starts to lose love for his actions and wants more words and meaning from him.

Cyrano’s form of beauty is knowledge. Cyrano believes if he doesn’t have good looks he might as well have knowledge in Sword fighting to keep people from looking at him as a no body. Cyrano constantly puts himself down as someone without beauty. But he has beauty all along inside, he cares for others and treats them well, he sticks up for his friends the way a true friend would.

Beauty in this play hides the characters personalities in ways that slowly reveal themselves throughout the play. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yet everyone has one common form of beauty inside them. Beauty is anything and everything.
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