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Unit 76
Outcome 1
As we are a rather diverse society we find ourselves caring for many children with different backgrounds ethnicity religions and beliefs also social conscience can play a major role in how we want our children cared for. These all need to be respected and taken into account when caring for a child and before even accepting in the setting because if we are not able to meet these needs the parents must be informed as everything we do requires parental consent from physical care to observations and assessments of their child. This is one of the reasons we meet the prospective client to discuss needs and what is required before starting any settling in periods at the setting. 1.1A

Children we care for may have different skin types that may need different care a child with dark skin will still need to have sun block applied all babies have sensitive skin that needs to be kept out of sunlight for example in the shade or fully covered with clothing, hat, sun cream, use of sun canopy etc… a child with eczema may need to avoid salty water at a beach as this could aggravate it and cause the skin to become dry they may have to use special soaps and creams to prevent from drying and causing a flare up. Always ask a parent or carer if they will consent to sun cream being applied and if so is there any skin problems we need to know about and would they mind supplying their own sun creams and if other creams required please be prescribed and named and full instructions given also needs to go in accident incident book in the medical record section recording what when where and how much how often it will need to be applied and where it needs to be stored with parents’ consent and signature then record times administered along with any other comments that may have been made such as better worse redder dry. 1.1B

In some settings bathing and hair washing may not be an issue for the care providers but in the case of home care, childminding or respite care where the child may be in the setting for long periods or even overnight we need the child’s routine and care information. In our setting we use an overnight care sheet and ask for consent to bath the child and wash hair we use very gentle shampoos and soaps but generally always ask the parents/carers to provide these especially if skin condition or scalp condition. Combs can be an issue for a child with afro Caribbean hair as you would not use a fine toothed comb or flat brush on this as may hurt, pull or damage hair so by asking for a comb from home this also lowers the risk of spreading nits by not sharing combs. We also need to know how they bath their baby or child as some parents bath in the sink use a shower or baby bath so be placed in a large bath of water could be frightening or using a shower head when never been used on the child before. We can gather this information by gently asking open questions to prompt routines and preferences. 1.1C

Children’s teeth are important and need to be cared for contrary to common belief milk or baby teeth need to be cared for the same as adult teeth in fact if you begin a good dental hygiene routine from as soon as the child has teeth then you ensure a good routine for life. We ask that parents supply their own tooth paste for the child as they may have a preference or one that the child will only use. A small amount used on a small headed brush very gently in a circular motion as is the current recommendation in the morning and after eating before bedtime in the evening in some cases parents like the child’s teeth to be brushed between meals this needs to be noted in the child’s care plan or routine plan that we go through with the primary carer before accepting the child. 1.1D

Most settings that care for small children will have a policy and procedure for changing nappies. The parents preference needs to be taken into account in our setting we ask the parents to provide nappies but keep some in different...
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