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Topics: Motor control, Learning, Motor skills Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: August 25, 2012
CYPCore32-4.1 Explain how own working practice can affect children and young people's development

It is very important that all practitioners have good knowledge of children development and their needs. It is important that practioners continue to develop their skills, and professional knowledge throughout their career. This promotes improvement in practice, and positively impacts on the quality of children’s care, learning and development. Training and qualifications can have a positive influence on improving the status of childcare practitioners, as well as enabling us to share examples of good practice with others. There are number of methods used to teach children and depends on settings which method they choose ,but also all settings needs to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework which has four themes that link to the five outcomes of Every Child Matters. Working as a nanny I don’t have clear guidelines to follow but I try to make sure I implement all aspects of ECM to make sure children are healthy,safe,they enjoy and achieve positive outcome so that each child can enjoy and achieve through they learning. I plan my activities according to their needs. One of the twins is better with her gross motor skills and the other with fine motor skills. I plan activities for each individual twin. Try to play ball, ride on little scoter also help to practice their motor skills encourage to walk instead sitting in the buggy and spend a lot of time outdoors to give them positive attitude towards sports. I use puzzles, finger painting, drawing and bricks to help the other one with his fine motor skills, they both enjoy the activity but I try to work individual with each of them.
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