Cyp Core 3.1.1 to 3.1.5- Child and Young Persons Development

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  • Published : September 28, 2012
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Question 4
We can use all of these theories together holistically to support the frameworks for young people’s development- for example, EYFS. Theories of development: Cognitive- Piaget Psychoanalytic- Freud Humanist- Maslow Social learning- Bandura Operant conditioning- Skinner Behaviourist- Watson Many theorists have developed theories over the years that we still use today. Some theories try and explain how young people develop intellectually and it shows patterns and stages of development. It also gives us a framework for understanding the different processes of learning. Cognitive- Vygotsky: He believed children learn by the guidance of parents and carers and from hands on experience. He felt other children can guide each other’s development and that children needed to be active in their learning. His theory is that everything a child does is a new learning experience-whether it’s correctly done or not. Giving praise when children show good behaviour shows that is the correct way to behave. Psychoanalytic- Freud: His theory suggested there are three parts to the structure of personality- ID, Ego and Superego. They may not all be present at birth but will develop as a child develops. His theories on the unconscious mind and peoples actions are still shown for example when a...