Cyp 3.4

Topics: First aid, Teacher, School Pages: 3 (1350 words) Published: April 18, 2012
Unit CYP 3.4 – Understand appropriate responses to accidents, incidents, emergencies and illness in school and during out of school activities 3.4/4.1
In our school we have policies and procedures in place in how to respond to accidents, incidents, emergencies and illness and procedures for reporting and recording these incidents. If an accident does happen, and it results in an injury to a child, the teacher will do all she/he can to aid the child concerned. The school keeps first aid boxes in various locations around the school such as in our key stage one building we have a first aid box in the nursery kitchen, also in the breakfast club room. Key stage two building has a fist aid box stored in the first aid room and one in the school office, every member of staff know where these are kept. At lunch time a member of staff will get the first aid boxes and move them into a nearby classroom so if any accidents are occurred staff can get to the first aid boxes. There are many members of staff at our school who are first aid qualified there are lists throughout the school stating what members of staff are first aid qualified. There will always be a member of staff on site who has been trained in first aid during school hours and for after school clubs. .

If a child has an accident at the setting and requires first aid then the relevant qualified member of staff will use the first aid kit which is easily accessible and regularly checked. When an accident occurs we fill out accident sheets which details what has happened where and what treatment was given. We keep one form in the office for the schools record and one letter is given to parent informing them of what accident the child has had. If the accident is more severe the child is taken to the office where they will call home and ask the parent/ carer to come and collect the child, and advise them to take the child home or to accident and emergency. As a school we have the duty to inform ofsted and the...
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