Cypop 5 Task 2

Topics: Neglect, Abuse, Child abuse Pages: 4 (1154 words) Published: August 13, 2012
Behaviour Policy

It is my policy to set clear boundaries for children’s behaviour.

My procedure is always to reward and encourage good behaviour. This could be done verbally or in the form of a reward chart. I will discuss the boundaries for behaviour with all children, if children understand the boundaries they will feel more secure. I will take into consideration the age and stage of the child and their individual needs. Distraction will be used to divert a child’s attention.

Where possible, I will explain why what they have done is wrong. I will be a positive role model for them at all times.
I will discuss any behaviour issues with parents, where necessary. I will never humiliate, restrain or isolate a child.


Policy for Equal Opportunities

My policy is to treat everyone as an individual, and not to discriminate them on their beliefs, needs, abilities, or race.

* I will ensure there are equal opportunities for all children.

* I am happy to provide a range of facilities and activities that will support the child’s culture and beliefs.

* Children with learning difficulties or disabilities will be supported by working closely with the child’s parents/guardians.

* By giving each child in my care the attention they require to give them the equal opportunity to learn and develop.

* By respecting that each child is an individual in their own right.

Accident/Incident Policy
It is my policy to keep children safe when they are in my care.

The safety of your child is very important to me and I will take every measure to protect your child from causing an injury. However, unfortunately accidents do happen, in which case, these are the procedures I will follow:

* I will assess the extent of their injury and if necessary call for medical support/ambulance.

* I will carry any first aid procedures that are necessary as a trained First Aider.

* I will comfort your child...
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