Safe Guarding of Children on a Outing

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Firstly we did a risk assessment on the route we was going to be walking. In this assessment I had take into account how long it would take to walk round the designated area we was walking and the roads and paths we had to walk and cross also with a wheelchair. I also took notes as I walked our route of where to cross, where the curbs were lowered for access of the wheel chair and how many main and side roads there was.

We then had to let all the children’s parents know we was walking round the village. We have 28 children in the class s we had to make sure we had enough adults. The ratio is 1 adult to every 8 children so we had 4 adults to walk with us.

When we was ready to take the walk we ensured all children had their coats on properly and all children were in pairs. I got the child who was in the wheelchair to walk out of school and assisted him into his wheelchair and fastened him in securely.

I led the class through the school premises and waited at the top of the drive till all the class was together. We had a teacher at the front with the wheelchair (me) and a teacher not far behind and a t.a further down the line with some children and a t.a at the back of the line. We reminded all children to keep away from the edge of the road and listen at all times to adults instructions.

As we walked round MonkBretton we stopped at places the children had to recognise, e.g church, doctors, chemist ect. When we had to cross roads i would first go with the wheelchair while the children waited then the teacher would stand in the middle of the road and cross all the children safely over to the other side of the road.

We had one incident where a child fell over and bumped his head. We had a first aid kit with us and we placed a cold compress on the bruised head and the child walked with me and held onto the whellchair the rest of the way. Once in school i took the child to the first aid person to double check the child was ok and wrote a bump...
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