Topics: Cyborg, Cybernetics, Implants Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Cyborg, which stands for cybernetic organism, is a fictional or hypothetical person whose physical abilities become superhuman by mechanical elements built into the body. It makes a human part machine. Cyborgs enhance the abilities of humans using technology. Cyborgs are also in science fiction. For instance, robots, The Terminator, Robocop, Inspector Gadget, and Wolverine. The Terminator is referred to as a science-fiction cyborg because the robotic endoskeletons are covered in living human tissue. Wolverine is also considered a science-fiction cyborg because his claws and his entire skeleton are laced with the unbreakable metal alloy adamnantium. Currently, cyborgs are being used for many things in life. Cyborgs are used in the military as well believe it or not. The United States Department of Defense agency, Defense Advanced Research Projects (DARPA), has recently begun to explore the possibility of implanting insects with data sensors for surveillance purposes. They also want to implant sharks with similar cyborg sensors to detect explosives underwater. Cyborgs are also being used in medical fields. Take Garcia Tolson for example, he got the chance to choose between life in a wheelchair and walking with artificial limbs. Just the fact that he could have artificial limbs implanted so he doesn’t have to be on a wheelchair for the rest of his life is fascinating. Cybernetic Organisms have many advantages and disadvantages. The most important advantage is health. You can replace many parts of your body that are paralyzed. Some of these parts contain your hip, knees, elbows, wrists, arteries, veins, heart valves, and brain implants. Let’s say for example you get into a tragic accident and your left hip gets paralyzed you know that there is something to do about it. You know you’ll be all right. You can get a hip replacement and boom! There you go you aren’t paralyzed anymore. However, with all the advantages that come with cyborgs, there are also many...
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