Cyber Law

Topics: World Wide Web, Cyberspace, Fraud Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: April 10, 2012
Need And Importance Of Cyber Law — Presentation Transcript 1. Why cyber law Information technology is encompassing all walks of life all over the world 2. “ IT” has brought Transition from paper to paperless world 3. However!!!!There is a need to regulate the Cyber Space Cyber space creates moral, civil and criminal wrongs. It has now given a new way to express criminal tendencies Crime is no longer limited to space, time or a group of people. Due to the anonymous nature of the Internet, it is possible to engage into a variety of criminal activities with impunity and people with intelligence, have been grossly misusing this aspect of the Internet to perpetuate criminal activities in cyberspace.. Hence the need of cyber laws 4. Secondly!!!! Nobody then could really visualize about the Internet Initial laws of 1990’s were developed and enacted way back keeping in mind the relevant political, social, economic, and cultural scenario of that relevant time As such, the coming of the Internet led to the emergence of numerous ticklish legal issues and problems which necessitated the enactment of Cyber laws. 5. Thirdly!!!!! The laws of real world cannot be interpreted in the light of emerging cyberspace to include all aspects relating to different activities in cyberspace Thus the need for enactment of relevant cyber laws 6. Forthly!!!! Internet requires an enabling and supportive legal infrastructure in tune with the times Only with the relevant cyber laws in place this legal supportive infrastructure can be provided E-commerce, the biggest future of Internet, can only be possible  if we have the required legal infrastructure in place to compliment its growth 7. Importance of Cyber Law!!! In today's highly digitalized world, almost everyone is affected by cyber law. Almost all companies extensively depend upon their computer networks and keep their valuable data in electronic form. Government forms including income tax returns, company law forms etc are now filled in...
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