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Topics: Learning, Education, Skill Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: December 8, 2010
Hard to believe that that was the last session for our tutorial. Everything will fall back to where they used to be. No more Saturday bondings in the jeep with my fellow blockmates, no more exhaustion due to the long smoke-full travels to the location, and sadly, no more one on one moments with our tutees. Time really is passing in a fast pace.

During that particular session, we were assigned to give our tutees an assessment test to make a conclusive report with regard to the improvement of our tutees. I prepared a compressed exam for Ar-ar which was composed of three different subjects: Math, English, and Reading. Ar-ar is very much having a diifficulty when it comes to reading. Well, a grade four student is commonly expected to have the capability of reading a simple passage. However, in Ar-ar’s case, his reading ability is not well-suited to the grade he is in. I am very much worried that he will have a hard time as he advances in the learning process due to his incompetency in reading. Comprehension is also his waterloo. This comes after reading so Ar-ar has a difficulty in understanding the meaning of sentences because his vocabulary skills is insufficient to supply him the meaning of words. Reading and comprehension are two of the most basic things that one must master because they are basically the groundwork of education. Mathematical problems will require reading and comprehension skills as scientific concepts and principles also do. But I believe that with great determination, he will still be able to improve his reading and comprehension skills. It’s never too late.

Next week will be a culminating activity that will serve as a farewell activity for all of us. Though it will be a relief for us to have free weekends, I’ll miss this Saturday sessions without a doubt. Not only did my tutee learn from me, but I also learned from him. I learned so much about teaching as well. Patience, determination and confidence are three of the most important...
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