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The purpose of this summary assignment is to discuss assessment methods, with the use of one example I use in practice; the influence numeracy and literacy have on the assessment tools used.
What is assessment? Petty (2004) defines it as, “measures the breadth and depth of learning”. This is a rather simplistic view; all assessment tools can be divided into two subsections, formative (A) and summative (B) assessments. A is the most commonly used, where the assessment is ongoing and students’ progress is frequently assessed, for example NVQ. B is a final assessment, which occurs at the end of a topic or course, e.g. a final exam.

I will be examining success criteria as a form of assessment, which is a formative self- assessment tool (the students assess themselves). I developed and implemented this as many students were asking me to check their work prior to it being handed in. I realised there was a need for students to develop their self-assessment skills, plus confidence in written work. After discussing this with colleagues I developed success criteria with my students The purpose of which is to support student’s assessment of their work prior to it being handed in and given a final mark against the summative assessment criteria. As Carol Rogers (1995) suggested “self assessment is at the start and heart of the learning process”. The success criteria is developed for each piece of work handed in, to include required marks for a pass mark, this assessment tool can be amended to develop both literacy and numeracy skills, due to the course I teach being health and social care it is heavily weighted towards literacy skills. It can also be adapted to develop ICT skills.

I feel that the tool is a baseline assessment, which enables the students to achieve a pass in the task. It will take time for all to use it successfully; therefore with the inbuilt review and evaluation process the...
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