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Topics: Reverse chronology, Employment, Skills Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: November 28, 2010
Format Guidelines
▪ FONT: NAME @ 14 TO 24, HEADINGS @ 12 OR 14, CONTACT INFO AND GENERAL TEXT @ 11 OR 12 ▪ One or two pages (no more!) on 8 ½ x 11 paper. When e-mailing, unless otherwise specified, use .rtf (in Word) or .txt (Notepad)

Name & Contact Information
▪ Telephone (home and/or cell)
▪ E-mail Address – be sure to use an appropriate address (i.e. not an unprofessional sounding nickname)

Career Objective (Optional – only include when you have a specific objective or interest) ▪ EMPHASIZE FUNCTIONAL AREAS IN WHICH YOU SEEK EMPLOYMENT AND GENERAL LEVEL OF POSITION YOU WANT ▪ Short and long term objectives may be included

▪ Be sure to tailor your objective to each position you apply for

▪ IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY A FULL TIME STUDENT OR RECENT GRADUATE, THIS SECTION SHOULD COME AT OR NEAR THE TOP ▪ Institution(s) where you studied, city and province (i.e. ON) ▪ Degrees, diplomas, professional certification

▪ Concentration: including major and career related subjects ▪ Scholarships or awards (include dates) – select the most appropriate awards

Employment Experience/Related Experience
▪ PROCEED IN REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER (START WITH THE MOST RECENT) ▪ List job titles, company name, city, province and dates (months or years, not specific dates) of employment ▪ Indicate level of responsibility and describe duties highlighting accomplishments ▪ Use action verbs to stress extraordinary accomplishments and skills ▪ Description MUST be in a bulleted format

Volunteer Experience or Community Involvement
▪ AN IMPORTANT SECTION, ESPECIALLY FOR STUDENTS WHO LACK CAREER-RELATED WORK EXPERIENCE ▪ Volunteer experiences should be formatted in the same style as work experiences ▪ Employers look at this section to discern your “Star Quality” (i.e. leadership,...
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