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Topics: Youth, Confidence, Young Pages: 4 (679 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Steven Steele
62 Coventry Road

Personal Statement
I am an enthusiastic and focused person who is committed to the education and well-being of young people at all times. I am passionate about giving young people the best possible education in life; I enjoy working in a busy environment and relish the challenge of managing a diverse workload. I am able to establish supportive relationships with not only students but fellow colleagues with the aim of promoting and reinforcing a student’s independence and self-esteem. I am someone who is fundamentally committed to good practice and innovation and who is very much a team player. Always engaged in continuous learning in order to broaden my knowledge and experience, I am confident, passionate and enthusiastic about working with young people.

Career Objective
Reflecting on my educational experiences, I appreciate the immeasurable impact that teachers make on the lives of young people. I also realise that the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom will be used by young people throughout life. I want to inject young people with the belief in one's capacity to make positive contributions to society.

My main motivation is to help provide direction and guidance to today's struggling young people. I am passionate about making a difference and I believe that just getting through to one young person is completely worth it. I know I can install ideas, bring individuals into groups and work together to meet their individual needs and goals. My attitude and want in helping today's younger people is immense, teaching them and building their self confidence in order to prepare them for their future.

I believe I can get the best out of every student by creating a positive, relaxed learning environment. Every student has their own individual needs. As a young person myself I understand the frustrations of young people and empathise...
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