Customer Service Business Plan

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1.Business Venture
Our business venture is to set up a Japanese restaurant which is named “Aishiteru”. Aishiteru means love in Japanese. Love is the message that the restaurant would like to convey to their visitors as it exists in families, friends and lovers.

Our team has visited many restaurants and saw the potential of food and beverages industry. This has inspired us to come up with a new and fresh idea to segment the customers in our restaurants

It will be located in Vivo City. Vivo City attracts many families, couple and friends. Hence, there is a high human traffic in Vivo City as there are many shoppers. Moreover, visitors whom returned from Sentosa will visit Vivo City too. Thus, Vivo City is the ideal location for our restaurant.

There are several Japanese restaurants in Vivo City. As a new restaurant, there are many threats from various famous Japanese restaurants. Food is often served reasonably but many restaurants do not provide dining experience for their customers. There is minimal interaction between the customers and the staff of the restaurants. Therefore, there is a plan to set up a restaurant which emphasizes on dinning experience which differentiates from various competitors.

Aishiteru is made up of four sections. The four sections comprises of family, couple, friends and events or functions. Waiters and waitresses for each section are dressed differently. The theme of the restaurant will change monthly, thus the layout and ambience for each section is different. Activities and events are conducted based on the related theme and section for the month. The restaurant aims to provide customers with both food and memorable experience.

There is no specific target group. Customers can experience the different ambience and theme for each section. One can choose to dine with their friends, which they will prefer to dine at the friends section. Perhaps when he return to the restaurant which his family, he can choose dine at the family section with his family. Customers may like to hold their birthdays in Aishiteru as well, thus they will be allocated to the events section. Customers get to enjoy a totally different experience with different people but in the same restaurant.

In order to bring the different experience to customers, excellent customer service is needed from staff. By ensuring that the staffs are able to deliver the right service at the right time for each section, it will encourage customer loyalty. Staffs will have to undergo product training before employing them to be waitresses or waiters.

2.1Japanese Restaurant
Shokudo and Waraku are quite well-known in Singapore for their delicious food and reasonable and affordable price. Since they started in year 2000, Waraku have already had 10 branches under them till date. Shokudo started in the year 2007, and now have 3 branches. This is probably due to the strong financial backing they have. Shokudo is under the same management as Thai Express, New York New York and Asian Kitchen.

2.2 Theme
The employees of chijmes cosafe maid bar will dress up like a maid and serve the customers, this actually gives customer a superior feel. Each month, employees will change their outfit to give a fresh theme. Their employees are also trained to sing in the restaurant.

Shokudo’s Rafflles Place branch has segmented dining areas. For example, one corner of the restaurant is painted with animes, suitable for young kids. All the different corners of the restaurant are designed to cater to customer of different ages, and they are free to choose where they would like to eat at. This is a very fresh and special idea and therefore will attract a wide variety of customers.

2.Mission statement
“Experience the difference in dining”.

3.Customer Service Policy
3.1 Always greet customer
When they enter:
Irashaimase or Welcome
Konichiwa or Good Afternoon
Konbanwa or Good Evening
When they leave:...
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