Customer Based Brand Equity in Motor Bike Sector (Focusing on Bajaj Pulsar

Topics: Brand, Brand management, Bajaj Auto Pages: 19 (4004 words) Published: June 6, 2012
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“Customer based Brand Equity in Motor Bike Sector (Focusing on Bajaj Pulsar)”


“Customer based Brand Equity in Motor Bike Sector (Focusing on Bajaj Pulsar)”


Abdullah Mohammed Ibrahim
Assistant Professor
Department of Business administration
Northern Bangladesh University


Subrata KarmakarBBA 080202759BSpring 2011
Nazmul Hasan ZubranBBA 060101625BSpring 2011
Kaniz Fatema SharminBBA 080160685BSpring 2011
Tanvir Ahmed MasudBBA 110104010BSpring 2011
Saifur Rahman AbirBBA 110104013BSpring 2011

Date of submission: 07th April, 2011


This report is prepared on the basis of the assignment given by Abdullah Mohammed Ibrahim assistant professor of Northern University Bangladesh. It was a wonderful experience while working on the Customer based Brand Equity in Motor Bike Sector. At first my thanks go to the almighty God and than to my lecturer. A great number of people have made significant contributions in preparing this paper. I am heavily indebted to all of them. I am expressing my immense gratitude to all of them who have extended enormous support, guidance and speared their valuable time in preparing this paper.

This paper perhaps couldn’t have been completed without the continues help and generous assistance that has been rendered by Abdullah Mohammed Ibrahim a special debt goes to him for being so generous. It would unjust if I do not make a mention of and all those people helped with the survey who despite of their busy schedule speared sometime to answer my quarries. My heartiest gratitude and sincere thanks for all of them. Most importantly I am thankful to all those members of my group who after assigning the subject constantly worked with me for preparing this paper.

Executive Summery

This report mainly covers three stages. At the first stage we discussed the Brand, its elements. Then we gave a short brief regarding the six brand of motor bike we selected. After that we discussed about Brand positioning and the six steps of brand building.

In the second chapter, Findings, we discussed about our survey method and its detail. We discussed the questions related with the six stages with the help of graph and explained. That was how the second chapter was completed.

And in the final chapter, we had conclusive words regarding the report findings. We suggested some recommendation for Bajaj Pulsar for their betterment.


Chapter Particulars 1.Brand and it’s elements
Brand Positioning
Positioning of Bajaj Auto in two wheeler industry
The brands of motor bike
Steps of Brand Building


Nature of questionnaire
Graphs based on the questions from questionnaire with explanation


Brand and Brand Elements:

Basically the word “Brand” is derived from the Old Norse word brand, which means “to burn”, as brands were and still are the means by which owners of livestock mark their animals to identify them. According to American Marketing Association (AMA) , a brand is a “name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competition. Whenever a marketer creates a new name, logo, or symbol for a new product, he or she has created a brand. It should be recognized that many practicing managers, however refer to a brand as more than that-defining a brand in terms of having actually created a certain amount of awareness, reputation, prominence, and so on in the...
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