Curriculum 2013

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Subject : ESP Course Design

By :
Name :Silmi Kaffah (11220045)
Deti S. R. Novianti (11220084)
Chintya Putri B. S. (11220101)
Desti Putriana Lestari (11220102)
Nur Qodriah (11220153)
Devi Santi R. (11220163)
Class: Reguler 2011
Group : A-1
Lecturer : Dasep Suprijadi, M.Pd.

English Education Program
Curriculum 2013
Curriculum 2013 has been designed since the year 2012 the Ministry of Education and Culture for the new learning standards for elementary school (SD), High School (SMP), Senior High School (SMA) and Vocational School (SMK). Government guarantee increased effectiveness of learning by teachers and Compulsory Education that were once only 9 years ie until junior high school, the year 2013 will soon be replaced by a 12-year down to the SMK. There are several lessons to be changed themes, lessons will be more emphasis on character education, and reduce the burden of learning Curriculum 2013 changes at Elementary Level

1. There will be only six subjects, i.e. PKn, religion, Indonesian, Math, Art and Culture(SBK), and Sports. * IPA are integrated in Indonesian(Bahasa Indonesia), Math, and so on. * IPS are integrated in Indonesian(Bahasa Indonesia), PKn, and so on. * Local content like Javanese, and other regional language are integrated in SBK. * Then English will be an extracurricular.

2. The school will be longer with the addition of 4 subjects per week Curriculum 2013 changes at Junior High School
1. Reducing the subjects to 10 of 12 subjects
* Information Technology and Communication (TIK) subject will be used in each Lesson as a learning tool * Mulok will be discussed with the subjects SBK, Sports, etc. * Self Development will be included into all subjects

2. The addition of 6 subjects per week
Curriculum 2013 changes at Senior High School and Vocational School 1. The selection of the major will be...
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