Curious Incident by Mark Haddon Mr. Jeavons Doesn't Understand Chris

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  • Published : March 10, 2007
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It is clear that Mr. Jeavons (the psychologist) is an irrational thinker who relies on his intuitive assumptions rather than logic. Mr. Jeavons does not understand Christopher and underestimates the complexity of his mind. Siobhan acknowledge Chris's world of quantity and reasoning. As a result, she is constructed to understand him better.

Mr. Jeavons relies on his intuition to make assumptions about Christopher. For instance, he assumes Chris likes maths because it is ‘safe' and has a ‘straight forward answer.' Chris strongly argues against this with clear logic and reasoning. He does this by describing an applied question of mathematics from a magazine column. Chris presents the readers with a famous mathematical problem known as the ‘Monty Hall Problem.' He presents the solutions to the problem and clearly explains how they came about. Furthermore, Christ highlights that although the solution to the problem is correct, it has been highly controversial amongst mathematicians. Chris's analysis of the ‘Monty Hall Problem' challenges Mr. Jeavon's assumption that ‘maths has a straight forward answer.' As Chris points out, mathematics can be described as highly controversial topic. Mr. Jeavons ‘doesn't understand numbers.' He is constructed to underestimate the complexity of maths, hence Chris's mind. Chris points out that Mr. Jeavon's intuition is wrong, ‘numbers are sometimes very complicated and not very straight forwards... logic can help you work out the right answer…'

Siobhan seems to understand Chris better than Mr. Jeavons. She acknowledges that he experiences the world quantitively and logically. As a result, when addressing Chris, she ensures to specify exactly what she wants, ‘Siobhan understands… she tells me exactly…I like this…Siobhan is soft spoken and identifies Chris's need for space ‘she asked me if I want to talk anymore, I said I didn't…she said OK…'

Christopher is shown to comply with Siobhan's ideas throughout the...
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