Culture and Sociology

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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An individual may pertain themselves to various groups throughout their lifetime, which often help them and others recognize who they really are. Often times people pertain themselves to certain music groups which reflect the way the dress, speak and act. Other groups include certain clicks in high school that teens put themselves into. Amongst any of these groups, one group almost everyone puts themselves in is culture. Some may argue that they do not pertain to any certain culture, but that idea itself has become a new modern culture. Many may recognize culture as regional traditions, but in today’s day in age there has been a lot of diffusion. We all in one way or another pertain to some kind of culture and through modern society there has been a tremendous increase of culture diffusion.

Richard T. Schaefer, author of Sociology, A Brief Introduction includes a chapter on what culture is and the different aspects that affect our society as a whole. He defines culture as “the totality of learned, socially transmitted customs, knowledge, material objects and behavior” (Schaefer, 57). In other words, culture can be defined as traditions and beliefs of a certain region which help refine morals and values through a society. An example of culture can include shaking hands as a greeting in the United States. Cultures in many aspects define who we are, and shape our identity. It can alter the way we speak, dress and act. For example, the American culture is far different opposed to the Indian culture. In America, women wear anything they please and talk as if there is no difference between them and a male. However, unlike the American culture women in India for the most part wear heavier clothing even though they may not like it due to their culture. The Indian culture represents women as their prestige and they should be viewed as goddesses and should not be revealed too much. Americans would see that being silly and would make no sense to them, just like...
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