Women in Government

Topics: Woman, Gender role, Women's suffrage Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: July 4, 2011
The Impact of Culture on Women in Government
Yvonne A. Sherman
July 27, 2010

Culture is defined as customary beliefs and behaviors of a specific social group and traditions and rituals become a part of everyday living (Miller, 2007). In today’s modern world there are still customs that are passed down from one generation to the next generation. In American culture as well as Japanese culture the role of women has evolved to present day. Women play a significant role in American culture today. Women hold positions of power such as Hiliary Clinton, current Secretary of State and Nancy Poloski the current Speaker of the House of Representatives. Many years ago this would have not have been the case women were not allowed to vote. Over time culture has shaped the role of women in America today. In previous culture of women involved women to stay home, not work and raise the children. If a women did work it was in a capacity as a school teacher which was a popular career so that type of work was acceptable, but for a woman to run hold a place in political office was unheard of. As time has evolved American women gained the right to vote and demanded to be treated equal to men in all ways. In today’s society women not only raise children but spend a great deal of time working outside the home to help support their families. In some cases men stay home with the children while women go out to earn money to support the family. 100 years ago that was not as common as it is today. In American culture women have learned their role by example from their mother or grandmother’s ways of how to be a women. American women today do not expect a man to be the sole provider of the family and it is not looked down upon women who are single parents and are taking care of children without the help of the father. The media also plays an important role...
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