Cultural Values

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  • Published : July 12, 2006
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Cultural values, personal ethics, and morality are all topics that usually have a different meaning for every individual. My personal ethics, morality, and cultural values have developed throughout the many life lessons that I have learned in my 29 years of life. I can still remember a specific Saturday afternoon at my grandparents' house. I was sitting on my grandpa's lap watching the Dodger game. In between innings my grandfather asked me the question, "Aaron it is time you learn about values and ethics. I want you to grow up to be an upstanding citizen and not a society reject." While at that moment I was a little unsure of what my grandfather was talking about, over the next few years it was moments like those that I began to develop my cultural values, my ethical beliefs, and my moralities. This paper will discuss what I learned from those discussions with my grandfather and other family members as I grew up. This paper will discuss what my values and ethics are and how I apply them in my personal life as well as my business life.

If I were to classify my beliefs, my beliefs would fall into three categories. The first category would be what I call learned beliefs. These are beliefs that I learned from my parents, grandparents, and other significant people in my life. The second category would be what I call religious values. These are the beliefs that I have adopted through my Christianity and my faith that I have developed through that religion. The third and final category would be what I call educational values. These are the values that I have learned throughout my educational career.

Ethics, values, and morals are things that an individual are not born with. In societies and cultures all over the world, families, friends, and other people teach the young generations about these important things. I was lucky enough to have the guidance and support of my grandpa and my father, who taught me so much of my morals, ethics, and values....
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