Personal Ethics

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  • Published : March 18, 2011
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Personal Ethics
Ethics is a moral guide that helps a person understands right from wrong. A person’s moral guide is developed by how they were raised, the books they read, the experiences they have lived through, religious beliefs, and cultural beliefs. These experiences allow a person to learn right from wrong, good from bad through their own and other’s experiences and creating their own set of ethics. People take their set of ethics into their personal and professional life and continue to develop them throughout life. This paper will look at ethics, morals, and values from the author’s point of view. A professional moral compass is developed by intertwining the professional education and personal morals. The professional moral compass helps guide the person through their profession making the best ethical decision. A nurse uses their professional moral compass to make the best decisions for their patient. Spirituality and culture contribute to how a person views the world. Spirituality and culture helps a person develop how they live their life and how they view life, health and death (Burkhardt, 2001). Nurses or healers have held a special place in many cultures. Nursing practice has grown and matured through both spiritual and cultural beliefs. Nursing philosophy is one of holistic healing and takes patients spiritual and cultural beliefs into account. "Values are ideals, beliefs, customs, modes of conduct, qualities, or goals that are highly prized or preferred by individuals, groups, or society" (Burkhardt, 2001, p. 83). Values guide nurses to provide the best possible care for their patients. Values are the foundation in which nursing is built. The core values of the National League of Nursing are caring, integrity, diversity, and excellence (National League for Nursing, n.d.). Nursing is all about the patients and without the core values nurses lose the focus on the patients. Ethical dilemmas are faced everyday in the health care field....
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