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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Physical development –
Birth to 1 year – grasp reflex
-Startle reflex
-Walking and standing reflex
-Rooting reflex
-Swallowing and sucking reflex
-Babies looking less curled up and startle less
-Babies lift and turn their heads
-Babies who look like they are parachuting as they lift both their hands and feet up in the air and balance on their fronts. -Use fingers to feet.
-Standing up holding on to furniture.
18 month – sitting and pushing off with legs on sit-and-ride toys. •2 years – running and climbing.
3 years – walking upstairs on alternate feet.

Cognitive development –
Birth to 1 year – babies will recognize the smell and sound of their mothers voice. -Babies stop crying if they hear a familiar voice
-Babies start to notice mobiles and other objects around them. -Toys and objects being explored in the mouth as well as with fingers. -Exploring objects using hands and mouth
-Recognise the routines of the day.
18 months – enjoyment of pop-up and posting toys.
2 years – playing with building bricks and doing simple jigsaws. •3 years – interested in mark – making, painting and books.

Communication –
Birth to 1 year –
-Babies cry when hungry, tired or distressed.
-Babies coo when contented
-Babies smile back when they see a smiling face
-Arms lift up to show a carer they want to be picked up
-Tuneful strings of babbling
-Fingers pointing at objects to draw adults attention to them •18 moths – less babbling and more recognisable words.
2 years – a vocabulary of around 200 words.
3 years – speech is easily understood

Social, emotional and behavioural
Birth to 1 year –
-Close contact between primary carer and baby
-Fleeting smiles when asleep
-Enjoyment of bath
-Smiles of delight when they are playing with primary carers -Trying to stay near their parents, anxiety if strangers approach or handle them. •18 months – interested in other...
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