Cache Level 3 Communication, Language and Literacy Development

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Communication, Language and Literacy

0-9 Months
* Has a variety of sounds used for communication such as squealing, babbling, laughing, crying and gurgling. * Can make sounds in response to stimulation and interaction. * Can use sounds to communicate their feelings of discomfort, pleasure and contentment. * Can listen to and respond intonations and the sounds in familiar voices.

9 – 18 Months
* Can begin to use single words to convey simple needs and wants. * Can understand simple sentences and instruction in rhymes such as “clap hands”. * Are able to learn new words quickly and use them when the matter interests them, such as car, lorry, cow etc. * Likes to look at pictures in books and can point out and say some words in relation to the picture and can point out things when asked even if they can’t say the word e.g. – “can you see the tractor” * Can move arms and hands with increasing control to manipulate and grasp and can begin to mark make. 18 months – 3 years

* Can begin to use 2 and 3 words sentences and make simple statements, using language to widen contacts, share feelings, experiences and thoughts. * Can join in with simple rhymes and songs, using intonation. * Begin to question why things happen and can repeat, simply, using key words the reply e.g. car broken, water gone. * Can respond to 2 – 3 words in an instruction e.g. “put the car in the box”. * In later months can listen and respond to others in a group for play, communicating with each other in relation to the activity, using a wider range of words to express ideas. * Show preferences for certain songs, rhymes or stories and can anticipate what happens next. * Can describe things that are of importance to them such as a favourite toy, an outing or a favourite programme by 3 years. * Using language to describe ownership such as “mine doll”, “Ryan car”, “My hungry” * Beginning to form letters when mark making and can recognise their...
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