Csr Questionnaire

Topics: Corporate social responsibility, Natural environment, Following Pages: 6 (854 words) Published: April 21, 2011
Questionnaire Guidelines:
1.) Answer only the questions which are applicable or the ones you wish to disclose. 2.) Write the answers in the space provided below each answer 3.) Write your answers a, b, c or any other option in front of the space where Answer is written. 4.) All the information provided by the organisations will be kept confidential and will be used strictly for educational purpose.

Please answers the following questions:

A1. In which year was your company founded?

A2. What business sector(s) does your company operate in? a) Apparel b) Textile and yarn c) Retail

A3.What do you think is a major hindrance that stops organisations in practising CSR a) No knowledge about CSR
b) Inadequate financial resource
c) No relevant experience and skill
d) Others__________________________

Which of the following factors are the major limiting factors in your way to CSR Breadth of CSR not defined
Government regulations
Financial limit of CSR not defined
Philanthropy can’t be measured

B1. Does your company engage in CSR initiatives (by this we mean managing corporate activities in such a way as to produce a positive impact on society)?

a) Yes b) No (Go to C5)

B2. How do you put CSR into practice within your company? a) Own projects
b) Sponsoring/Philanthropy
c) Research
d) Own Foundation
e) Assisting government projects
Other (please specify):

B3. What is the focus of your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives?

a) Education
b) Public health
i) Awareness camps
ii) Hospitals
iii) child and women healthcare
c) Energy conservation
d) Corporate governance
i) training
ii) housing
III) various awareness programs
e) Supporting government projects
f) Rural upliftment
g) Environment

Others (please specify)

B4. If answer in the above question is “g) environment” then in which field are you focusing a) Water recycling
b) Biogas plant/ farms
c) Afforestation/plantation of trees
d) organic farming

Are there any awards and certificates that your organisation has got for its CSR activities. Awards and certifications:

B5. Do you have a CSR Department?
a) Yes b) No


B6. Your company’s CSR initiatives integrated into:
a) Your product
b) Marketing
c) Corporate positioning
d) Your company’s strategy
e) Completely separate

Others (please specify):

B7. Do you release CSR reports?
a) Yes b) No

B8. Is there a mention of your company’s CSR policies in your annual report.
a) Yes b) No

A. History and traditions of your CSR activities

C1. Do you have a Historical Archive in your company?
a) Yes b) No

Does your archive also keep information about your current CSR activities and initiatives? a) Yes b) No


Is the organisation aware of the effects upon its reputation because of CSR?

a) Yesb) No

If Yes then:
a) There was a positive impact.
b) There was no change in reputation
c) There was a negative impact.

Which of the following factors do u thunk improved after your organisation started doing CSR? a) Company awareness levels
b) Company image in society
c) Sales
d) Relationship with stakeholders

C2. How would you assess your organization’s awareness on the CSR initiatives (Check one)?

a) Excellent
b) Good
c) Fair
d) Poor


C3. Have you tried to reduce your enterprise’s environmental impact in terms of: Yes/No (Y/N)
a. Energy conservation____
b. Waste minimisation____
c. Recycling____
d. Pollution prevention ____
(e.g. emissions to air and...
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