Csr and Gazprom

Topics: Social responsibility, Russia, Corporate social responsibility Pages: 4 (1052 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Analysis of CSR in a case of "Gazprom"
3.1. A Brief presentation of the company and Russian CSR concept
The trend of taking into consideration the elements of CSR in Russia could be compared with the Soviet times, when all the companies tried to establish only the CSR programs in a social and cultural environment. The Russian companies see CSR programs focusing only on the group of stakeholders and especially on internal environment-on the workers and mostly all the companies follow as soon as possible to report all their activities in front of the main stakeholder - state. In order to analyze the CSR issues and implementing of them into activities was chosen "Gazprom" the Russian Gas producer company. The company was created in 1989 when the Ministry of Gas Industry and Energy transformed the Gazprom into a corporation. The company later made the privatization, but mostly the Russian state or Government controls all the assets of company. In order to describe the Gazprom CSR programs must be taken into consideration the whole image of CSR in Russia and in what environment the companies' works.

In Russia the CSR concept is under developing, but it is new and become increasingly important in order to achieve the global standards. Also, in Russia could be defined some aspects or failures in order to increase CSR aspects. Many companies' behavior is a contravention of laws and norms which led to corruption. The level of corruption in Russia is situated in a high level, corruption and instable state institutions destabilize the terms of social welfare and the quality of social goods. Globalization is a drive factor of CSR spread and Russian companies need to follow global rules including CSR norms. In nowadays the Russian companies follow the traditional Soviet period functions accorded to CSR. The companies focus mostly on accommodations and labor protection with small improvement of labor conditions. According to the Managers Association in Russia...
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