Crutchfield Chemical Engineering

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Problem statement:
In this case, unless the director of the Polymers Department, Paul Burke, in the Corporate Technology Development division of Crutchfield Chemical Engineering is able to resolve large difference among teams in the Lumen and Absorb Teams, the Crutchfield Chemical Engineering may continue to affect its creativity, employee motivation and working environment. Analysis:

As one of three departments in Crutchfield Chemical Engineering, Burke’s Polymers Department had five project teams in that time. Based on an employee survey, in the five project teams, only one-the Lumen team had a high level of motivation in their work; the Absorb team had a quite low level of motivation in their work; the other three were intermediate. Burke tried to use dairy report about these two groups to understand the group behaviors and their project progress. In this case, as a task group, all the individuals can work together to complete a job task in the Lumen team. According to the dairy reports from the Lumen team, in their first day, the leader of Lumen team, Max held a team meeting to talk about the his first swipe at the patent application. The other team members share their thoughts and ideas to provide necessary detail which can help Max to improve his draft. Max can generate more information or knowledge to increase diversity of his view on the project through meeting and discussion. As a leader, Max could set the team plan, and gave opportunities to all the members to discuss and fulfill their abilities. He also can let his team members to follow conformity without expressing his own opinions. One of the team members, Allen mentioned, the good teamwork and open communication among the entire work team contributed to a great result. As far as I am concerned, the Lumen team did it. When the first customer complaint came into Max, Max and the other members tried to fix their project and make it better which can achieve customer’s expectation. The whole team was...
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