Five Pages of Group Development

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Describe the five stages of group development briefly and explain how relationships form in groups.

There is no doubt that great communication is important, and this in no different when working in groups. Stage one of the five stages of group development is basically the getting to know each member of the group. Getting to know the group allows each member to talk about one another’s strengths, weaknesses, and what is expected from the group. During this stage it is also important to choose a leader, set up an agenda and create deadlines to reach the end goal. Stage two is for brainstorming and creative thinking. The challenging part of stage two is to make sure everyone is heard, everyone’s feelings are expressed productively, and creativity is fostered among the team. Stage three has some challenging characteristics in this stage the skills, energy, and individual spirit of each team member is coordinated into the work being done so far. Stage four should be seen as the point where the team becomes independent and removes the leader. This allows the group to openly communicate each members work to make sure the project is on task and any problems are quickly addressed as not to delay the assignment. Stage five is communicating the end and adjourning the group. This final stage allows for each group member to talk about the entire process, while communicating if the member’s expectations were met. Communication within a group should be open and honest; if a break-down occurs changes must me made. When a group’s communication fails, the task will also fail.

Role of communication in group development works like in the human body. Communication role starts the moment when the group member get together very first time in forming phase, be that face to face interaction or in virtual word. Through interaction each member assesses other member behavior patterns, personality, professionalism, there willing to work with the group and group’s goal....
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