Cruise to Cozumel, Grand Cayman Island and Belize

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The Dream
I have always wondered what it would be like to stay on a cruise ship for seven days. It amazes me that over a thousand people can board a ship to be brought to other countries. I got to have the experience of going on a cruise for vacation, not once, but three times. After experiencing cruises it is now my favor place to be. For me, it is the mixture of relaxing by the pool and excitement of events that makes it significant.

On the morning we leave for vacation, I get out of bed, excited to embark on my seven day cruise to Cozumel, Grand Caymans, and Belize. I waited several months for this vacation and it was finally here. This cruise was particularly special because it was my senior vacation. My friends and I packed weeks in advance eagerly waiting for the day we can leave. After a car ride that seemed like forever we arrived to the port in Galveston, Texas. We were greeted by cruise employees who reminded us to have our passports, driver’s license, and birth certificates in hand. After walking up a huge ramp and given our sail and sign cards we boarded the carnival dream.

As I entered the ship, I looked around and thought to myself this is what I will call home for the next seven days. Tall beautiful glass elevators, stairs that lit up the room, and expensive looking furniture was what awaited us in the lobby. We eagerly waited for our floor to be called so we can get settled in our rooms. While we waited we were greeted by smiling faces, a guy playing on a grand piano, and waitresses serving drinks. We watched the faces on the other guests while they entered, reminding me of a little kid on Christmas morning. After waiting about an hour our floor was called and our luggage was waiting by our rooms. We entered the small but comfortable cabins where chocolate and towel origami’s sat on our perfectly made beds. Unpacking as fast as we could we couldn’t wait to go explore the ship. First, we find ourselves on the top deck waving goodbye to...
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