Cross Culture Perspective

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Cross-Cultural Perspective
ETH 316

Cross-Cultural Perspective
In this paper, I will address Global organization and a cultural issue that affects organizations outside the United States. Culture is about the way we human beings definite ourselves for the purpose of uniting with one another, forming a group, determining an individuality and distinctive ourselves as unique. Cultural perspective is sensual in humans, in which we create activities, practices, and symbols that can be easily consumed by our sense. In this entire good example, we still have cultural issues in our global organizations and society. The global organization, have choosing to talk about is “Cross-Cultural solution”. Cultural Issues within Global Organization

            Cultural issues are define as the dispute in government and society based on differences of culture and origin ( issues). To build a truly great, global business, business leaders need to adopt a global standard of ethical practices. The reality of today’s global organizations is that organizational culture must recognize cultural diversity. Social norms create differences, values and attitudes about similar circumstances also vary from country to country. Since the process of determining an organizational culture often involves considerable “education,” Managers should be sensitive to global differences in approaches to education to make sure their cultural education efforts are effective .Organizational culture has a history and a structure, and that is how it can remain unchanged for a long time despite the coming and going of any employee or even of all employees within it. It is born out of the experience of the situations when internal and external precisions actions upon the organization were dealt with. Culture is an integrant part of the process of selecting personal options. It influences what the organization feels, its concerns and its ability to...
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