Cross Cultural Management

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Cross Cultural Management Individual Presentation: Academic Poster Introduction
For this assignment you are required to produce an academic poster similar to one that would be presented at an academic conference. There is more guidance given below on what an academic poster is, how to structure an academic poster and various tips and guidelines on making your poster attractive and appealing. In addition to your poster you should produce a 1000 word summary report that highlights the research undertaken for your poster, the key literature that informed the production of your poster and the key findings from your investigation. For the purposes of this poster you are required to select a product or a service and demonstrate effectively through your poster how national culture has had an impact on the promotional or advertising strategies used to advertise that product or service in different countries. In doing this you are being asked to explore how national culture impacts on the way a brand or product is promoted in particular countries or regions. You may select a product (e.g. Shampoo, Chocolate, Beer) a brand (e.g. Coke, Nike, Apple) or a service (e.g. airlines, health promotion, banking) to use as the basis for your exploration of the impact of cultural differences on its promotion. We will be looking at some examples in class based on airline safety promotions and condom advertising. You can assess the impact of culture on advertising in many ways and use various frameworks to assist with this analysis. The Stephen Dahl paper ‘Cross-cultural advertising research: What do we know about the influence of culture on advertising?’ is a good starting point, however you must make reference to other published studies in this field. You should use the EBSCO and Emerald databases to which you have access to assist you with this. You can access this paper on Studyzone Moodle. The types of factors that you might consider in your poster could include: * Impact of context (high or low) on advertising;

* Use of colour or number and cultural factors;
* Application of a framework for cultural difference in assessing advertising e.g. Hofstede * Role of gender, humour, knowledge, sex in cultural contexts and their impact. What is an academic poster?

At university, students are often assessed on poster design. Posters are an effective way of communicating concisely, visually and attractively, and can be a powerful way of getting information across. Academic posters summarise information or research concisely and attractively, to help publicise it and generate discussion. Posters are widely used in the academic community, and most conferences include poster presentations in their programme. Academic posters can reach a wide audience as they may be displayed for several hours or days, at national or international conferences. They may also be published online as part of conference proceedings, becoming part of a permanent record of research activity. An effective poster can make a strong impact, so it's worth developing your poster planning skills.

What does an academic poster look like?
There are a number of examples below of academic posters. An academic poster is designed to communicate clearly, concisely, and visually. It should also be self-explanatory. You shouldn't need notes to understand it! It takes skill to summarise a complex topic without losing some meaning or connections. What do you need to consider first? How might you use images or diagrams to help convey your message?

Planning content
Since a poster must communicate so concisely, you will need to spend some time identifying your key points. Decide what you need to communicate, and how. What is your main message? What does your viewer need to know? Identify the key points, always keeping your topic or task in mind. Once you've decided on the main content, make a rough draft of the information you need. * Decide on the main...
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