Cross Cultural Management

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Cross cultural management with special focus on evolution of our understanding of national culture and other cultural changes. In this analysis phase of assignment, basically the given three types of action items will be critically considered.

- Concept of national political culture & it’s importance to drive management practice - Culture for managers of business organizations
- Theories of culture and cross-cultural management

Firstly, the article ‘Is National Culture still relevant to Management in a Global Context?’ clearly describes the impotency of considering the national culture in global economic context.

First analyze the national culture with surrounded by political approach to it which the employees to evaluate the legitimacy of management practices.

Secondly the level of national political culture and its’ features discuss through the case of Switzerland.

Thirdly the article discussed the Swiss political culture and the management practice in the country.

Also the purpose of the same article to propose an alternative approach to national culture calls political culture. Under which discussing & refers to various social groups and context. It is noted that it’ll not produce the same meaning given in a social situation but they may sometimes use the same templates and references also known as ‘Cultural paradox’.

- Type of accounts for different kind of people
- Their behavior & living together
- Their opinion in a same given country

When we define & study the characteristics of national political culture; Smircich (1983) pointed out that the ‘culture serves as a sense-making device to interpret daily experience’ (Chevier 2009). The social life is the most significant shared template for management activities in the symbolic method of national level. Now days with growing need of the people, the core values of human beings are destroyed. As a result of that, every society is facing numerous challenges and the efforts are been putting to control them and make the life peace for every citizen of population. That’s why the management practice is so important in US whereas ‘in the United Sates, the notion of contract is widely used for social regulation; it creates some cohesion in social action through defining mutual obligations and at the same time maintains individual freedom’. (Chevrier 2009)

Further to analyze the culture if a nation, national concepts highlighted mostly since the political culture always part of national state. Say for example, even though the effort putting to enforce new political, social, educational and law of culture while creating of a new sector or state in any country, it is become fail project as it always adapts to the existing pattern what it exists. In the nutshell political culture can be ‘a set of references that a society has developed and promoted through myths to deal with the tensions it faces and to dismiss the fundamental threats it fears most’. (Chevrier, 2009).

In the case of Switzerland, there are following specific features found with the case of Switzerland against the topic National culture.

- A country with cross-cultural/ religion background with common political culture

- People always respect to each other and helping them without any extent.

- Collection of different religions makes the population as a shield of Corporation & unity.

- Also the strict regulations are empowered and offences will be pushed severely.

- Strong believes of their political system and have a common perception.

Culture for managers & managing of business organization:

i. Employers and the industries singed for an agreement which the solutions can be made for office issues after discussions. It’s PEACE AT WORK’

ii. Both men & women are sharing the work & especially the trade unions are so matured enough in Swiss to understand the concepts like justice, human, dignity,...
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