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  • Published : May 16, 2011
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This is an E-marketing report of Crocs Inc. (a designer, manufacturer and retailer of footwear). In this paper, Crocs’s current E-marketing strategy and the current position of the company will be analyzed. Next, a coherent e-marketing plan will be proposed based on the understanding of Crocs’s current marketing mix. Moreover, the implementation of the analysis and recommendations for the future development are likewise presented.


1.0 Strategy Identification
1.1 Marketing Mix
1.1.1 Product

The Crocs footwear products are divided into four different categories: women, men, girls and boys where customer can have clear online facts about the Crocs footwear they are purchasing as in there are clear information and specification of the footwear. If there are any doubts or further inquiries, it could be solved through customer service number or email address that’s available in the website.

The buying process in is designed to promote the variety of characteristic choices for each individual product, allowing customer to select the desired product characteristics easily before any purchase. This may tempt customers for returning to for a different purchasing during each return.

Crocs also offer removable decorative attachments- Jibbitz (a unique accessory brand with colourful snap-on charms) specifically suited on the holes in Crocs sandals. Crocs footwear can also be customised according to consumers needs by just clicking on the colours and designs button. (Briesen J. 2009)

1.1.2 Price

In the internet era, traditional pricing is no longer capable for Using online store to reach customer, Crocs had to put more effort on packaging fees and customer care service compare to the high maintenance cost for stores and staffs. As result, products in are lower price than in Crocs’ store. The internet provides...
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