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Topics: Footwear, Philippines, Imelda Marcos Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Women are known to be great fans of shoes. At last count, Philippine Politician Imelda Marcos had over 2,500 pairs of shoes. Although Mrs. Marcos’ love for shoes is extreme, it is a very good example of how women love their shoes. Since most women have about one percent of the money Mrs. Marcos’ has, they must deal with enjoying their measly fifteen or twenty pair of shoes. One desire a woman of Imelda’s wealth and most other women share is quality. Some shoes are bought at big name stores like Dillard’s, Macy’s or Shoe Warehouse but some women have found that the Payless Shoe Store shoes have lasted just as the long. Over the years, the pumps, boots and sneakers purchased from Payless Shoes has made women just as happy as the major retail stores. One of the most popular pair of shoes women purchase at Payless Shoes is pumps. The pumps are designed to give women a more elegant, refined look to their attire whether it’s for the office or for the evening. Pumps have heels that range as high as 5 inches to as low as 1½ inch. They also run the gamut in design ranging from stiletto design to wedge design. At Payless, pumps can be found from designers exclusive to Payless and last just as long as those in other stores. Black is a more commonly chosen color because it can finish any outfit by making the design stand out or by complimenting it. It’s a little surprising to believe that even a shoe of this low cost can be made of material that can protect the feet before, during and after a rain. In a survey of choice of shoes a woman would choose, it is believed that a woman would choose pumps first over other shoes such as boots. A second favorite pair of shoes bought from Payless Shoe Store is boots. Some women design their day’s attire around the boots they will wear that day. These, too, based on the material they are made from, are feet protectors. When they are combined with a pair of pantyhose or a pair tube socks, they can feel as cozy and...
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